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Ready Meals by Kate

We are excited to be offering this range of good quality, freshly frozen meals to be delivered to our clients or collected at your convenience.

We will be focussing on using locally sourced ingredients, as far as possible and extending the range for seasonal additions and a weekly “special”.


The prices will be from £6.00 for a generous 1 portion up to £27.50 for 6/8 portions.


Contact us by email, text or WhatsApp and up to date with the latest offerings, You can order single portions sizes or 2, 4 6/8 portions sizes and up to date price lists.


Keep an eye on this page as well as our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates. 


Looking forward to hearing from you very soon


Kate Bliss

Dishes always available are:-

Fish pies
Cottage Pie

Puff pastry pies:-

Steak and ale
Steak and Stilton
Chicken and leek
Chicken and mushroom
Chicken and Chirozo 
Christmas pies (when nearer Dec!!)

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable lasagna 
Spinach and chickpea curry
Mushroom stroganoff 
Vegetable tagline
Macaroni cheese

Soups (serve 2)

Leek and potato 
Carrot and coriander 
Spicy parsnip 
Roasted tomato 
Creamie cauliflower 


Pork Goulash
Shepherds Pie


Treacle Tart

1 large portion £2.50
Whole 6 portion £12.00

Main Courses

1 person portions £6.00
2 person portions £10.00
4 person portions £20.00
6-8 person portions £27.50
Soups £5.00 each

Delivery £5.00 or collection at allocated time from The Castle in Bedford or alternative arrangements.

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