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“Amazing”, “Awesome” and “Fantastic” are all comments that are good to hear when we've invited friends and family to parties and gatherings at home. 

Over the last 12 years Kate and her team have appeared with meals and/or canapés at 3 adult birthday parties, a new house warming and “nibbles for the parents" at my teenage daughter's pre-prom "Prinks” party. 

Kate and her team will be as visible (or invisible) as you want them to be! She once pretended to be a friend just lending a hand when guests arrived 1 hour earlier than I'd expected!

On Saturday Kate and her small team worked tirelessly serving drinks and canapés at my husband's birthday party for 50 guests. A couple of vegetarians (who I forgot to tell her about) and a marriage proposal, from a guest enjoying her food (and drink) a little too much, didn't faze Kate. She rustled up a vegetarian platter, making them both feel special and let her suitor down gently with Parma ham and asparagus! 

Happy Customer

Over the years, when it's come to events where we've needed catering, Kate and her team have been the first people we call. 

When we've needed assistance with different dietary requirements, Kate has worked hard to make it possible and make sure everyone is catered for in one way or another. At one family funeral she was even ready with a hug because it was needed. 

Returning Customer

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